September 3, 2021

Posted: September 3, 2021

Welcome Back Newsletter 

North Otter Elementary, September 1, 2021 


Information Bulletin from Superintendent Gord Stewart:  

  • This was emailed to you last week, but just in case you missed it, you can click here. 

Parent Access to North Otter Elementary  

  • While we continue to work with the Public Health Officer’s K-12 Guidelines for Covid 19, we are asking parents to please minimize their access inside the school. If you need to access the building, please only use our front doors and be sure to complete the Visitor Health Check on the table in the foyer prior to coming to the office. It is best to arrange a meeting if you need to come speak with a staff member.  Your cooperation with this is much appreciated as we continue to make the safety of our students the top priority. 

First Week of School 

As we have done in past years, the first week will be a great time for us to re-connect with students, welcome our newest to Otters and set a positive tone for the year. We also use this time to finalize registrations, compose classes and get students with their teachers in a timely fashion. Students will be placed into this year’s finalized classroom on Monday, September 13th 

Monday, September 6th – Labour Day – No students in session 

Tuesday September 7th 

  • Students in Grade 1-7 will attend 8:37 – 10:07. A warning bell will sound at 8:32 each morning. 

Grade 1-7 students 

  • Grade 1-7 students will return to last year’s classroom location to meet with last year’s teacher.  
  • In the case of Ms. Klann, Mrs. Wallace, and Mr. VanRees’ students, they will be met by a new teacher. For parents of primary students, please make sure you are present at the bell to hear instructions about the classroom location for the remainder of the week. In some cases, students may be meeting at the teacher’s new classroom. Below you will find a map with last year’s room locations.  

New Students and TSM Grade 1-7 Students 

  • If your grade 1-7 child is new to North Otter this year or was part of the TSM program last year, we ask that you arrive around 8:20 at the gymnasium on the southeast side of the building so that we can walk you and your child to where they will be meeting for the first week. Below you will find a map with the gym location. 

Kindergarten Students 

  • Kindergarten students will follow the gradual entry schedule which begins on Friday, September 10th.  Parents were emailed in June with details and belong to either Group A or B. Each group has a slightly different schedule. Kindergarten parents are also asked to review their conference time that you would have signed up for in June.  


Wednesday – Friday,  September 8-10 

  • Students attend from 8:37 – 2:20 
  • Students return to their last year’s classroom unless you have been given different instructions by the teacher on Tuesday.  


What to bring… 

  • Students will not need to bring all their supplies to school until September 13th. We recommend packing a small pencil box with some pencils, glue, scissors, and pencil crayons for the first week.  
  • Tuesday, September 7th – Students will not need a lunch. 
  • Starting Wednesday, September 8th – Students will need a snack for recess and a lunch. We will continue to be a litter-free school and we will ask that all garbage produced from snacks and lunches be returned home in the student’s lunch bag. We recommend using reusable storage containers. 


Communication With Families: 

It is important to us that we are able to have open communication with our community to share information from the school, celebrate what is happening at NOE each day as well as discuss student progress. First of all, our doors are always open whether in person or electronically. Please feel free to reach out to staff and/or administration if you have anything you wish to discuss. 

Throughout the year, we will use the following platforms to share information with the community and celebrate our school: 

  • School Messenger – This is our main format for sharing information including our newsletter. School messenger allows us to email and text the community. We can also use it to call you with an automated message in emergency situations. 
  • NOE Website: We work to update our website on a regular basis throughout the year. It is a great place to get general information about the school 


New Bell Schedule 

Please note that we have a new bell schedule for the upcoming school year. We will no longer be having staggered breaks.  

8:32  Warning bell 

8:37   Students welcomed into class 

10:25 – 10:40  Recess break 

11:47 – 12:20  Lunch break 

2:20 Student released from class 



North Otter Elementary

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