School Life

Fair Notice: Response to Threat-Making Behaviour

School District 35 (Langley) is committed to a safe and supportive environment for all. We take all threatening comments and behaviours seriously. Students, staff and parents should be aware of the District’s Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol that can be found on the district website and in all school main offices.

What is a Threat?

  • A threat is an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against someone or something
  • A threat may be verbal, written, drawn, posted electronically or made by gesture
  • A threat may include any high risk behaviour such as possession of a weapon

What is Threat Assessment?

Threat assessment is a process that is followed when a school becomes aware of a threat made against a student, staff member, or the safety of the school building and its occupants. When any form of a threat is made, a threat assessment team will investigate and appropriately enact the District’s Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol. A threat assessment team is made up of individuals who have received formal threat assessment training.

What Parents and Students Need to Know

  • Any threat must be reported to the school administration, counselor or some other trusted
  • Investigation may involve the police and / or other community agencies
  • Investigation may involve locker or personal property searches
  • Interviews will be held with the threat-maker and other students or adults who may have
    information about the threat
  • Parents of students who are directly involved will be notified
  • Threatening behaviour may result in discipline for a student
  • An intervention plan may be developed for the student making the threat and a support plan developed for any individuals targeted by threats

Everyone Has a Duty to Report

Often when we hear in the media about a violent incident, we learn that the threat-maker had made threats in advance of acting violently. To keep our school communities safe, students, parents, staff and community members must report all threat-related behaviours and high-risk activities.